Video ricetta del gelo all’anguria, fresco ed estivo!

Buona visione:

Coffee break

I was 19 when I met the coffee shaken, simple simple, velvety on the palate and wonderfully sweet! I was in Vasto (Abbruzzo, Italy) and after yet another walking tour between a look at the shop windows, the choice of postcards (we talk about it many years ago ...), some purchases in a nice little... Continue Reading →

Chocolate bread!

I don't know why I did it, but I did it! I have experienced. I prepared the basic recipe with the right doses, but you can also add dried fruit, peanuts or almonds or coconut flour and black cherries! We can taste this bread withbutter and apricot jam or with chocolate spread cream but also... Continue Reading →

Pan di cacao!

Non so perch√® l'ho fatto, ma l'ho fatto! E mi √® andata bene! Desideravo il pane con la cioccolata spalmabile, non avendo la cioccolata ma del cacao in dispensa, ho pensato di fare questo pane e, come sempre, ho sperimentato. Ho preparato la ricetta base con le dosi giuste, ma voi potete anche aggiungere all'impasto... Continue Reading →

Chocolate cream cake, vegan idea.

The chocolate cream is simple to do, but to get the right texture for the topping of the cake required doses and suitable ingredients. After several attempts I came to the consistency, in my opinion, perfect. This cream is an excellent base to add chopped hazelnuts or almonds instead of flour or coconut flakes, or... Continue Reading →

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