Italian spring rolls!! Vegan idea.

Italian spring rolls. Vegan idea The Italian response (Neapolitan) to Chinese spring rolls, these are spatial rolls to broccoli. The idea is vegan, but who knows me knows that the dishes I prepare really please everyone (including omnivores). You can find me on: Ingredients for 6 large rolls. Broccoli, cooked with garlic and oil.... Continue Reading →

Cauliflower …… a winter ally forever!

Come to see me on: Food and NutritionThe cauliflower is a "flower" remarkable, at least once a week (but actually the council several times a week) should not miss on our tables during the winter. But let us see what are its properties: Among its minerals ricordiamor iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur, potassium, zinc,... Continue Reading →

Paste and pastels …. colors and first good food and beautiful!

Come to see me on:   The mother of Laganelle isΒ  LAGANA , the etymology of the word comes from the southern LAGANA Lagane voice that is .... "Strips of pasta, lasagne". I will bring them in the form vegan, egg-free, but colorful green and red ......! They are simple to do, with a... Continue Reading →

Paccheri to Sorrento

The goodness of the South just a click away. Video recipe, with all the details of the steps and ingredients needed! Gragnano Paccheri with handmade 100% Italian meal, tasty, wrap, which will join in marriage with the village zucchini, and they will leave you breathless, word of Neapolitan !!!! Scrolling down the page you will... Continue Reading →

Gnocchi with avocado salsa. Idea- vegan.

Come to see me on: Do not forget to put "like" πŸ‘the page. Ingredients for four people: Gnocchi 1,2 kg (later ... depends on how hungry you). ripe avocados n. 4 small onion (later depending on taste) Salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste Extra virgin olive oil Preparation: If you want to prepare gnocchi... Continue Reading →

Pasta’s omelettes

I also look at: You can also subscribe to the channel: The basis for this recipe is a classic lumberjack, with white sauce, mushrooms and peas. Ingredients: long pasta (linguine, bucatini, noodles, spaghetti). Bechamel vegan. Grilled mushrooms. cooked peas. Farina 00 to taste (if we do not serve the pancakes) Bread crumbs to... Continue Reading →

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