Vegan sponge cake

Come to see me on: Do not forget to put the "Like" 👍the page to be updated on the news! Before arriving at the right doses have experienced it a few times, but I could not find the cake / Sponge cake perfect vegan, texture is a cross between the cake and the classic... Continue Reading →

Why does water not fit as it should? Can we freeze it? Troubleshooting!

L ' faba water for vegans is, in my opinion, a substitute staordinaria albumen in various confectionery products, such as the "sponge" , but not all. It may, however, encounter various difficulties and it is these complications that I want to avoid you, because if it is not fitted properly all the preparations are affected... Continue Reading →

Vegan pancakes, but good for everyone!

Come to visit me on: .... and if you want to look a your "like" ....! 👍👍 I know…. There are millions of pancake recipes, but the vegan recipe must have perfect doses, in my opinion! Before publishing this article, I tried several times to be sure of the result. The pancakes vegan .... Continue Reading →

Let’s wake up with double coffee!!

Let me know if you liked on The basic recipe is the same as vegamisù , but with the addition of two teaspoons of freeze-dried coffee in the base cream is still warm. Ingredients: Coconut milk, 200 ml. Corn starch / rice, 3 tablespoons. sweetened cold coffee, to the syrup cookies will more than... Continue Reading →

Chatter, frappe, talk, lies, crostoli … ..this! But vegan version. Italian dessert vegan

Find me to also find on the page: The classic version of the chat (one leads to another like a chat between friends) provides very basic ingredients but which together give a result at all "basic." But where is it written that vegans can not enjoy them? For the vegan version I have two... Continue Reading →

Crunchy almond and more … ..

Come to see me on: Energy Delight holding small pieces will comfort the soul and the desire for sweet. In videoricetta, ingredients and detailed steps!   Ingredients: Unpeeled almonds g. 350 Almond peeled g.150 Pumpkin seeds least 100 g Sugar cane g.200 Tools: nonstick sheet of paper. nonstick pan or in 18-10 stainless steel.... Continue Reading →

The “magic cube”, the natural evolution of Caprese vegan, sweet typical of Capri !!!

Come to see me on: With the same basic recipe of vegan biscuits (clik on " biscuits vegan " for the recipe), we can make a cake and stuff to our liking. In these pictures I offer my personal decoration, but it goes without saying that the decoration follows the personal fantasy of everyone.... Continue Reading →

The faba water, acting albumen!

Come to see me on: L 'faba water is obtained from the water of the chickpeas cooking. In practice this water contains proteins that replace the egg albumen proteins in vegan, thus giving structure (for example to panettone vegan) and mounts just like the egg whites are mounted. Below I will explain how we... Continue Reading →

Vegan Biscuits, with cocoa and hazelnuts Come to see me on: After several tests, I finally found the right amounts to make these vegan cookies, ultra-extra-delicious !!! The recipe is simple ... ..!   Makes about 40 cookies diameter of 3 cm. 1) Coconut oil 200ml 2) flour hazelnuts 120 g (I used chopped hazelnuts , I had... Continue Reading →

Vegan chocolate spread, essence and substance

Come to see me on: Do not forget to put "like" 👍the page. Breakfast vegan luxury ....To make the chocolate Spreadable vegan takes a few ingredients, and I recommend that they are always quality! And 'well known that the chocolate spread is not exactly a food "light", so if we want to enjoy it... Continue Reading →

Homemade ice cream 100% vegan hazelnut! Idea- vegan.

Do not forget to put " like " the page to be updated regularly on recipes and articles: Before explaining the preparation, but above all the exact doses and the perfect ingredients , let me let you know that before you get to perfection I've thrown the "evidence" made with a variety of plant... Continue Reading →

Vegamisù! The vegan tiramisu, really good …

This recipe for tiramisu vegan to ... you have to try. if my brother (omnivorous) found it good, it means that is good ! And if you try it let me know if you liked it (we would keep) on Ingredients: Coconut milk, 200 ml. Corn starch / rice, 3 tablespoons. sweetened cold coffee,... Continue Reading →

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