Cassatella di Agira in versione crostata!

Cassatella di Agira in versione crostata, sempre senza burro e senza uova❗😁😁OLE'💃🕺 La Sicilia è sempre una scoperta meravigliosa... Amo l'Italia tutta.....! P.S. Il giorno dopo è ancora più buona, resistete dopo averla sfornata.... Vi aspetto anche su: Ingredienti per la frolla: -Farina 0 gr.300 -Margarina gr 130 -Zucchero gr 90 -Acqua... Continue Reading →

Prepariamo insieme un dolce strabuono per ogni occasione? Diretta live su FB!

Mi trovi anche su: Puoi iscriverti al mio canale youtube: Ecco gli ingredienti e dosi per un tortino di 6 porzioni abbondanti: Farina 0/00 g 300 .Zucchero g. 50. Acqua ml 120 (circa)Olio di semi ml 50 + altro olio per la frittura. Cioccolato fondente g.250.Latte vegetale circa ml 200. Canditi. Mandorle/nocciole tostate... Continue Reading →

Lemon jelly, classic and strong version! Vegan and gluten free!

This is a simple, light, vegan and gluten-free dessert. Simple to prepare, composed of few ingredients, excellent as a light, aromatic and energizing dessert! It is a Sicilian dessert to which all my respect and admiration goes! Maruzzella’s italian video recipe: Ingredients: Zest of 2 organic lemons. Juice of 1 lemon, about 70/80 ml.... Continue Reading →

Coffee break

I was 19 when I met the coffee shaken, simple simple, velvety on the palate and wonderfully sweet! I was in Vasto (Abbruzzo, Italy) and after yet another walking tour between a look at the shop windows, the choice of postcards (we talk about it many years ago ...), some purchases in a nice little... Continue Reading →

Vegan butter!

The vegan butter is very simple to make, and it is an excellent substitute for cow's butter for panettone, but especially for pies, cookies and croissants, because he gives crispness , unlike the use of the oil that makes them very hard. The butter we're going to do is suitable for desserts because there is... Continue Reading →

Chatter, frappe, talk, lies, crostoli … ..this! But vegan version. Italian dessert vegan.

Also Find me to find on the page: Where is it written that vegans cannot eat this typical dessert? The vegan version has a simply excellent result and you don't feel the difference from the classic ones, in fact they will be better in their lightness! Ingredients for the first version: Flour Type 00... Continue Reading →

“Pellecchielle”? Yes! But jam “Pellecchielle” !!!!!

From the slopes of Mount Somma, from fertile soils, rich in minerals such as potassium, known element for the positive influence on the organoleptic quality of the fruit, there comes a gift ... .. the Pellecchiella: A Particular quality of apricots has the IGP and mature from the first half of June. Its pulp Particularly... Continue Reading →

Crunchy almond and more … ..

Come to see me on: Energy Delight holding small pieces will comfort the soul and the desire for sweet. In videoricetta, ingredients and detailed steps!   Ingredients: Unpeeled almonds g. 350 Almond peeled g.150 Pumpkin seeds least 100 g Sugar cane g.200 Tools: nonstick sheet of paper. or nonstick pan in 18-10 stainless steel.... Continue Reading →

The faba water, acting albumen!

Come to see me on: L 'faba water is Obtained from the water of the chickpeas cooking. In practice this water contains proteins That replace the egg albumen proteins in vegan, thus giving structure (for example to panettone vegan) and mounts just like the egg whites are mounted. Below I will explain how we... Continue Reading →

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