Vegetarian tomato cutlet!

Video recipe of tomato cutlets! Incredibly good and quick to prepare! Good vision.... Come and visit me also on:

Pumpkin in oil!

Pumpkin is ... but for a special drink! Among the preserves that I have experienced, I propose the pumpkin oil, by denomination will change the yield and utilization. Normally you cut into slices of about half a centimeter thick, I have experienced by cutting it with the grater, the yield was very low, in fact... Continue Reading →

Courgettes in “escabache”? Ole …. vamos a cocinar … ..

Come to see me on: " Escabeche ", I really like this word of Spanish origin, meaning " pickling vinegar ." The zucchini "scapece" then zono fried or roasted zucchini, which are then made to marinate in a sauce of vinegar, salt, garlic (and if roasted) and a drop of oil. Just to let... Continue Reading →

Matches potato, pepper and lemon juice in sheets …!

Come to see me on: Do not forget to put "like" 👍the page. This is a variation on "spagopatata" for those who had not -spagatutto-, and is also a version that "use" less oil ....! Ingredients: -Potatoes at will! - extra virgin olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper Procedure: Grate the potatoes, with the... Continue Reading →

Artichoke hearts in the pan.

Do not forget that, by putting like (like) to the page, you will have the opportunity to choose what to cook among the various proposals up to date ... .:👍👍👍 The simplicity in the kitchen always pays, as you know ..., so simple I dedicate this article to the artichoke , because they... Continue Reading →

Roast potatoes! Crazy stuff…..!

This type of preparation of the potatoes is simple and with a result that a lot of satisfaction. First for flavor, but they are also beautiful to the eye! If you feel an impulse to put 👍👍like my page I leave you the link: Ingredients: Potatoes of the same size. Rosemary (abound). Extra virgin... Continue Reading →

“Parmigiana” aubergine, italian and vegan to scream!

I do not want discussions, this classic-vegan proposal you have to try it, you will open the doors of paradise, because it brings with it the keys of tradition, period! If you go, I'll look on my page with a LIKE! The process is "paro paro" to "normal" version, the difference is the addition... Continue Reading →

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