Crispy, spicy and toasted chickpeas!

The chickpeas are versatile like few legumes, we can make pasta with chickpeas, meatballs, with its cooking water (faba water) we can prepare desserts such as sponge cakeor snacks to be served as an aperitif together with a good prosecco or sparkling wine. Today I propose this last recipe which can be enriched with the... Continue Reading →

Brioches for burger!

The savory brioches that I proposed are excellent and easy to prepare! They can be frozen, so let's do many of them and when we need them we thaw them! Ingredients: Farina Manitoba oz 14. Flour 00, oz 7 . Yeast (fresh dough) oz 1. Sale oz 0,2. Sugar oz 1.. Coconut milk to drink... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin in oil!

Pumpkin is ... but for a special drink! Among the preserves that I have experienced, I propose the pumpkin oil, by denomination will change the yield and utilization. Normally you cut into slices of about half a centimeter thick, I have experienced by cutting it with the grater, the yield was very low, in fact... Continue Reading →

Red beans with endive! Wellness pure!

A typical example of country cooking, true, poor and healthy, this dish was born vegan, and is complete from a nutritional point of view. The escarole contribute, for example, with their fibers important for our "second brain" that is, the intestine, the beans give us, besides the fibers also protein intake, and as with the... Continue Reading →

Marmalade of onions … to try!

I suppose in many're twisting the nose, you ask: "Marmalade of onions?". The first time I tasted it I did not like Because they were no raw onions I cooked, crispy and strange, and then there was a fairly liquid That part has not convinced me. If you buy, also, it costs so much !!... Continue Reading →

Courgettes in “escabache”? Ole …. vamos a cocinar … ..

Come to see me on: " Escabeche ", I really like this word of Spanish origin, meaning " pickling vinegar ." The zucchini "scapece" then zono fried or roasted zucchini, which are then made to marinate in a sauce of vinegar, salt, garlic (and if roasted) and a drop of oil. Just to let... Continue Reading →

Matches potato, pepper and lemon juice in sheets …!

Come to see me on: Do not forget to put "like" 👍the page. This is a variation on "spagopatata" for those who had not -spagatutto-, and is also a version that "use" less oil ....! Ingredients: -Potatoes at will! - extra virgin olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper Procedure: Grate the potatoes, with the... Continue Reading →

Purple Crocchè poteto !

The purple potato is an ancient variety of tuber that comes from the Peruvian Andes, for some time now Italy is also grown, and is rediscovering not only for the taste and the particular color but also for its properties. These tubers are particularly rich in anthocyanins , typical antioxidants,which protect us from the risk... Continue Reading →

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