Red beans with endive! Wellness pure!

A typical example of country cooking, true, poor and healthy, this dish was born vegan, and is complete from a nutritional point of view. The escarole contribute, for example, with their fibers important for our "second brain" that is, the intestine, the beans give us, besides the fibers also protein intake, and as with the... Continue Reading →


Fagioli rossi con le scarole! Benessere allo stato puro!

Esempio tipico della cucina contadina, verace, povera e salutare, questo piatto nasce  vegano, ed è completo dal punto di vista nutrizionale. Le scarole contribuiscono, per esempio, con le loro fibre importantissime per il nostro "secondo cervello" e cioè l'intestino, i fagioli ci danno, oltre le fibre anche l'apporto proteico, e come per le scarole, anche... Continue Reading →

Chatter, frappe, talk, lies, crostoli … ..this! But vegan version. Italian dessert vegan.

Also Find me to find on the page: The classic version of the chat (one leads to another like a chat between friends) provides very basic ingredients but Which together give a result at all "basic." But where is it written That vegans can not enjoy them? For the vegan version I have two... Continue Reading →

Marmalade of onions … to try!

I suppose in many're twisting the nose, you ask: "Marmalade of onions?". The first time I tasted it I did not like Because they were no raw onions I cooked, crispy and strange, and then there was a fairly liquid That part has not convinced me. If you buy, also, it costs so much !!... Continue Reading →

Crunchy almond and more … ..

Come to see me on: Energy Delight holding small pieces will comfort the soul and the desire for sweet. In videoricetta, ingredients and detailed steps!   Ingredients: Unpeeled almonds g. 350 Almond peeled g.150 Pumpkin seeds least 100 g Sugar cane g.200 Tools: nonstick sheet of paper. or nonstick pan in 18-10 stainless steel.... Continue Reading →

The “magic cube”, the natural evolution of Caprese Vegan, a typical Capri dessert !!!

Come to see me on: With the same basic recipe of vegan biscuits (clik on " biscuits vegan " for the recipe), we can make a cake and stuff to our liking. In These pictures I offer my personal decoration, but it goes without saying That the decoration follows the personal fantasy of everyone.... Continue Reading →

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