Coffee frost, traditional, vegan and gluten free!

Of Sicilian origin, this dessert is delicious for me! We can prepare it safely the day before, it is done very quickly, does not imply the use of the oven and is excellent in winter and perfect in summer! I have never been to Sicily, and I really want it … !!!


  1. Mocha coffee ml 300.
  2.  water  ml 100.
  3. Corn starch oz 3..
  4. Sugar oz 3,5/4 (depends a little on your taste)
  5. Cocoa powder or bitter chocolate chips oz 0,5 (it is not necessary, even if it gives more creaminess to the palate).


Single-dose silicone molds,


Transparent glasses

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Put all the powders in a saucepan first, then starch sugar and cocoa, mix quickly (if we use the chocolate chips they must be added at the end of cooking), then pour the liquids, mix everything;

IMG_6548 (2)

we light the flame, and stirring constantly we wait for it to boil. You will see that it will thicken after about 4/5 minutes. As soon as it thickens, we remove from the heat,

IMG_6549 (2)

(and if we have the chocolate chips we add them only at this point and mix quickly).

IMG_6551 (2)

Quickly we put the mixture in the molds or in the coviglie rather than in the glasses.

IMG_6558 (2)

When the mixture has reached room temperature we put in the fridge at least a couple of hours. This type of dessert can be prepared for a dinner or lunch even the day before because the longer it stays in the fridge the more the flavors mix well, and it is even better.

Et voila …

IMG_6571 (2)


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