Coffee break

I was 19 when I met the coffee shaken, simple simple, velvety on the palate and wonderfully sweet! I was in Vasto (Abbruzzo, Italy) and after yet another walking tour between a look at the shop windows, the choice of postcards (we talk about it many years ago …), some purchases in a nice little shop … a break was a must ! Not being able to eat another ice cream (among other things they were fantastic in Vasto) “I went to the coffee”, the courageous barista brings me this fantastic cream because it was fantastic ….! The ingredients are two, sugar and cold cold cold coffee. If we do it with freeze-dried coffee and water, the consistency will be much creamier, but personally I love the classic mocha coffee, a trusted friend of all the moments of our lives!

Fast preparation!


  1.  Coffee.
  2. Sugar.

Cooking utensils:

This is a “sciuè sciuè” recipe, if you like you can come and visit me, to leave comments, sensations or ask for advice, on:

After making the coffee , still hot, we sweeten and dissolve the sugar by mixing. We transfer the coffee into a container that has a triple capacity compared to the quantity of coffee (if we will use a ⇒immersion blender), otherwise pour it into the bowl of the ⇒⇒ classic table blender . Let the coffee arrive at room temperature, and then put it in the freezer for half an hour. Then we blend either with an immersion blender or by pouring the coffee into a classic blender. We will see that the coffee will mount wonderfully … ..!

IMG_6204 (2)

We can correct it with a liqueur to warm up, or mix it with an ice cream to refresh us, or drink it and a homemade bar coffee !! It should be consumed immediately because it tends to disassemble, if you use freeze-dried coffee, it will be disassembled fairly but in a longer time …!





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