Chocolate bread!

I don’t know why I did it, but I did it! I have experienced. I prepared the basic recipe with the right doses, but you can also add dried fruit, peanuts or almonds or coconut flour and black cherries! We can taste this bread withbutter and apricot jam or with chocolate spread cream but also simple it is very good!

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  •  Flour 0, or integral, 18 oz.
  •  Manitoba flour, 5,5 oz.
  • Sugar, 3 oz.
  • Salt, 0,10
  • Yeast, 1,8 oz.
  • Unsweetened cocoa, 5,3
  • 3 glasses of water.

We first mix the flour with cocoa powder with salt and sugar, in order to even out the base, we dissolve the yeast in a glass of water at room temperature, then we pour the water with the yeast into the flour and knead. We add a little water if necessary. Knead well to obtain a nice smooth dough.

IMG_5884 (2)


Leave to rest for a few hours or until doubled in volume. After two hours, knead again and give the desired shape. We can make sandwiches, larger blocks or flatten the dough and make a pizza on a baking sheet.

Leave to rise for another two hours and then bake at 180 ° C, for about 25-30 minutes if making pizza or sandwiches, 35/40 minutes in larger forms. Pay attention to cooking, because in addition to varying slightly from oven to oven, cooking will not be so visible because the dough is practically dark chocolate in color.

Et voilà….

IMG_5939 (2)



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