Brioches for burger!

The savory brioches that I proposed are excellent and easy to prepare! They can be frozen, so let’s do many of them and when we need them we thaw them!


  1. Farina Manitoba oz 14.
  2. Flour 00, oz 7 .
  3. Yeast (fresh dough) oz 1.
  4. Sale oz 0,2.
  5. Sugar oz 1..
  6. Coconut milk to drink oz 9.
  7. Solid coconut milk oz 2.
  8. Two tablespoons of oil .
  9. A pinch of turmeric, but it is not necessary.

I’m waiting on:


After dissolving the yeast in a little coconut milk to drink, we combine all the ingredients and mix well until a very smooth dough is obtained, I recommend that the dough is completely homogeneous.

IMG_1703 (2)
Panetto ready base.

Let it increase to double the volume, at least 2 hours, up to 3 hours. So we knead again and form rows that will cut the pieces of about half of the sandwich we want to get. We form round or oval balls (based on the final shape we prefer most), they are at least 0,4 inch apart (in fact we can also reduce the distance and it will be the Danube effect).

IMG_4623 (2)

Let it rise for an hour …

IMG_4630 (2)

and bake at 360 °F for about 20/25 minutes.


Let it cool down and enjoy ..! We can taste these sandwiches with vegan meatballs in tomato sauce or with eggplant cutlets with mayonnaise and vegetables; rather than with a nice eggplant parmesan …. in short 1000 ingredients for a thousand recipes … .. !!


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