Chocolate cream cake, vegan idea.

The chocolate cream is simple to do, but to get the right texture for the topping of the cake required doses and suitable ingredients. After several attempts I came to the consistency, in my opinion, perfect. This cream is an excellent base to add chopped hazelnuts or almonds instead of flour or coconut flakes, or chunks of pears in syrup; in short, as always there is no limit to the imagination.

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Ingredients for a small cake (serves 4):

  • Cocoa powder, three spoons.
  • Corn starch, two tablespoons.
  • 00 flour, a teaspoon.
  • Sugar, a spoon, but according to our tastes, we can add some.
  • Soy milk, 250 ml.

In a large bowl combine all the dry ingredients, then starch, flour, sugar and cocoa; we mix everything evenly. To avoid lumps, we add one cup of milk at a time to the mixture and mix them well, and as for the mixture, we add more milk a little at a time, we mix well with a spoon or a whisk, until obtaining the liquid chocolate but dense.

Pour everything into a saucepan, light over medium-low heat and mix it with a whisk to avoid the formation of the base body that could adhere to the base of the pot, ruining everything.

IMG_5030 (2)

After about three or four minutes the chocolate begins to thicken; therefore we immediately remove from the heat and continue to stir vigorously in a few seconds because the cream will thicken perfectly. If the lumps have come, don’t worry, electric flrullimix you can work the still hot cream until it is soft.

IMG_5043 (2)

Let it cool completely, the chocolate cream will thicken. We can add chopped peanuts, almonds, candied fruit …! We will make our own cakes, brioche to our liking, adding our touch following our tastes!

Et voilà…..

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