Vegan butter!

The vegan butter is very simple to make, and it is an excellent substitute for cow’s butter for panettone, but especially for pies, cookies and croissants, because he gives crispness , unlike the use of the oil that makes them very hard. The butter we’re going to do is suitable for desserts because there is the use of oil coconut, which also gives a good final flavor. While for savory preparations will be fine olive oil (which would be the top) but it also goes very well peanut oil.

If you go, you’ll look at:



  1. Coconut oil 4 oz.
  2. Groundnut oil 3/4 oz.
  3. Soymilk 10 tsp (if flavored with vanilla will get better, but it is not necessary).
  4. Lemon juice 6 ml.
  5. A pinch of salt.
  6. Optional : If we go, we can spice it with grated rind of orange or lemon, give a sprint more sweets.


Put all the ingredients in a tall, narrow container and use a blender. The consistency that will be obtained will be similar to Greek yogurt, we will get about 8 oz of butter. We pour everything into a covered container and put it in the refrigerator.

The butter will thicken perfectly. Remember to keep it in the fridge. In addition we can also make the dough balls to be frozen and used as needed.

Burro apena fatto

Et voila … with bread and jam!



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