Italian Vegan Bolognese! Fantastic!

In Naples, “Bolognese” is a ragout of minced meat with onions and peas. Before I changed my diet I liked it a lot, today thanks to soy I can enjoy an excellent vegan “Bolognese” and it is even approved by omnivores. This recipe is dedicated in particular to those who have embraced a positive lifestyle (it is an excellent dish for vegetarians and vegans) and for those who “fear” to break the mold of a society that has “decided” for us and not for well-being, I invite you to try it, it’s fantastic!

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Serves 4 hungry people:

  1. Soy granular, small size, 9 oz
  2. 2 medium sized onions.
  3. Carrots, grated.
  4. Clove n.1.
  5. 8 oz Peas.
  6. Tomato Sauce, 21 oz.
  7. Rosemary, sage and pepper.
  8. Salt, nutmeg, oil, pepper to taste

The quantities of the ingredients are approximate for a good result, but nothing prevents abound , for example, with peas, with onions or with tomato sauce, or oil, or add the chili that I love , etc …!


After cutting the onions, fry the oil with garlic and onions in a large saucepan, which you will then cover with the lid on medium-low heat, add: rosemary, sage and pepper. Let it simmer slowly for about twenty minutes, stirring occasionally.

IMG_5622 (2)

While the onion is cooking, boil the water (three times the volume of soy) with the salt, boil and pour the dehydrated soy and cook for about 5 minutes. We drain the soybean and when it has cooled we squeeze it with our hands to eliminate excess to water.

After having cooked the onion for 20 minutes, we pour the peas in the same pot, mix and cook for about fifteen minutes, always with the lid on and stirring occasionally.

Now pour the soy that we mix, let it cook for 5 minutes, stirring well so that the soy is seasoned perfectly.

IMG_5642 (3)

Now we can add tomato sauce, nutmeg if you like and pepper, let’s taste and add salt. Let it cook for another 15 minutes or until cooking is more pleasant according to our tastes.

IMG_5656 (3)

The vegan  “Bolognese” can be a main dish, or it can be an excellent sauce for pasta, for lasagna (… and here the tears of emotion flow away) to season dumplings, let’s eat it as we want because it will always be and eternally good!



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