Pumpkin in oil!

Pumpkin is … but for a special drink!

Among the preserves that I have experienced, I propose the pumpkin oil, by denomination will change the yield and utilization. Normally you cut into slices of about half a centimeter thick, I have experienced by cutting it with the grater, the yield was very low, in fact by a Kg pumpkin I’ve only got a jar of 200 ml. The choice of the cut end I wanted to experience why so fine pumpkin is suitable for aperitifs to then serve on crostini or as “crunchy salsa” in sandwiches, but if the cut is classic, slices or sticks, the yield will much higher, and we can add it in salads, sandwiches as an aromatic verdurina etc ….

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  1. Pumpkin 1 Kg.
  2. Salt double 60g.
  3. Water 250 ml.
  4. White vinegar 500 ml.
  5. extra virgin olive oil to taste (but it will be fine a seed oil)
  6. Pepper to taste if you like.
  7. Pepe full taste if you like.


  1. After removing the skin and soft flesh with seeds, we wash the pumpkin. Tagliamola into large pieces and proceed with the cut, sliced ​​or matches (with a thickness of half a centimeter) or with a grater (double-sided, and recalling that the yield is very low).
  2. At this point we mix all the double salt with pumpkin in a container, cover and let the face salt out the natural water of the pumpkin for 24 hours.
  3. After 24 hours, (even less), we prepare a large pot with water and vinegar, put it on high heat waiting bubble; in the pumpkin meantime we wash quickly, and as soon as the water boils caliamo pumpkin, expect that manages the boil, still keep in cooking for 2 minutes and then scoliamo and let cool.
  4. So we put the pumpkin on a clean tea towel and free washing detergent, then rolled up on itself so as to absorb as much water, for about 2 hours. PS I having made the thin version match I even wrung the canovacio, but if you make the sticks or slices of pumpkin just roll up and you just do not wring.IMG_4983 (2)
  5. Then the pumpkin, let us help with a spoon to avoid voids and so on to the brim At this point we just have to fill the jars, pour the first oil and chilli or pepper (for those who like spicy).

Et voila … we can store it for three / four months, however, let it at least a week before consuming so insaporirsi well with the oil and chilli.

IMG_4992 (2)



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