Why does water not fit as it should? Can we freeze it? Troubleshooting!

L faba water for vegans is, in my opinion, a substitute staordinaria albumen in various confectionery products, such as the “sponge” , but not all. It may, however, encounter various difficulties and it is these complications that I want to avoid you, because if it is not fitted properly all the preparations are affected with the only direct consequence … .. the garbage to our sweet !!!

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  1. If we use the jars of pre-cooked chickpeas, the only difficulty is that (in addition to having preservatives, stabilizers, etc …) water that will derive (filtering) will be salted, and it may influence the final taste of our sweet. For the rest mounts well because the concentration of proteins which are able to function to incorporate air (mount) is high.

water faba 5

2. Problems arise when we are preparing the faba water from the chickpeas cook! Or not? Sometimes it mounts sometimes not, but why?

The answer to this question is precisely relative to the concentration of proteins “uprights” and saponins of the cooking water of the chickpeas. It ‘s true or not that (after leaving them in water and soda for one night and have them washed …) we put them to cook in water regardless of how much water we?

Do not worry, we can safely continue to pay no attention to how much water we, the solution is very simple: after having drained chickpeas and preserved the ‘ faba water, just put it back on the fire and boil until halve (about) the volume . The excess water will evaporate, so we will have a well-concentrated faba water that will mount perfectly !!!!!

Or if you want a greater amount of faba water, just leave a handful of chickpeas cooked in the same water and store it in the fridge for a day, even two. In this way the chickpeas will continue to release the “protein and saponins”, thus increasing their concentration in the liquid before being filtered and used.

So as you understand or eliminate the excess water (making it evaporate), or increase the amount of useful substances leaving the chickpeas ne “discharge” more!



But can water be frozen?
The answer is yes!

Personally I always cook a kilo of chickpeas every time, so I dedicate myself to the preparation of meatballs in considerable quantities, then I freeze them and use them when necessary. But my “anger” was to throw away the faba water that I didn’t need at the moment. So, after having made it halve in volume on the fire, and made to cool, I thought of freezing it in silicone molds (to be clear the muffins sprigs) so as to have the right dose or its multiples when necessary. Well after thawing it, about two weeks later, it mounts perfectly !!!!!! These are satisfactions, because my heart was crying throw the water faba, and then I got angry when I wanted to make a cake and I didn’t have it available!

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Below is a quick step-by-step preparation of faba water! Here we recapitulate step by step the preparation of water faba!

Preparation of ‘ faba water (AF):

  • g.300 dried chickpeas (but if you want even more, it’s up to you to decide)
  • water
  • Bicarbonate.

We put the chickpeas to soak with water (plenty of water, exceed the level of chickpeas) and quite a tablespoon of baking soda overnight. On the morning scoliamo chickpeas, we wash them and cook them in the water, always abundant, and cook for a couple of hours minimum, the time depends on the size of the legume that we used. PS with a pressure cooker, the cooking time is considerably reduced! After baking recover the cooking water draining the chickpeas with the colander leaning against a pot where the fall faba water. Chickpeas can use them to make vegan meatballs or to make “pasta and chickpeas.” Faba forgive the water in the pot, light the fire and let warm (also boil) until halve (approximately) the volume, let cool and then rest in the refrigerator a few hours before use. Personally, I leave it in the fridge even a couple of days, in a closed vessel, so gels and when the mount is more compact. We have to mount it for about 10 minutes to have a great degree of frothiness and stability, for use in the vegan sponge cake . P.S. For those who KitchenAid speed to use it at first then we can increase 4 to 10. Three tablespoons of water concentrated faba correspond to the first egg!

Then we can enjoy our sweet, well done … .. and fluffy !!!



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