Vegan spreadable chocolate

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Breakfast vegan luxury ….

To make the chocolate Spreadable vegan takes a few ingredients, and I recommend that they are always quality! And ‘well known that the chocolate spread is not exactly a food “light”, so if we want to enjoy it … at least that is quality, no palm oil, without too many added sugars, and with ingredients mostly produced in our beautiful Italy, like hazelnuts .

The preparation is very simple, it takes five minutes of clock to achieve moments of true culinary enjoyment!

Ingredients for a 250ml jar:

  1. Dark chocolate g.150
  2. Coffee cups 3/4 (about 80/100 ml) peanut oil
  3.  Hazelnut paste least 100 g

PS . If you do not have the hazelnut paste , with a good food processor, you can blend the toasted hazelnuts using the pulse function, to prevent the engine robot from overheating.  With a little patience and adding a little oil (unflavoured) rifrulliamo to mix well, helping engine switched off, with a spatula to stir what is left on the walls. The smoothness of the hazelnut paste depends on the quality of the robot that we have in the kitchen.

IMG_1096 (2)
Ciocc. fudge, hazelnut paste, peanut oil


In a jar, even more capacious of 250 ml, pour order: the hazelnut paste , oil and finally the dark chocolate . We prepare a saucepan pouring within about two glasses of water and on the bottom of the pan endorse a napkin or paper or cloth. We turn on the flame, it must be low-medium, and immerse the jar prepared previously; the napkin will serve to cushion the micro taps during cooking. As the melt chocolate, close the flame before it melts all, the remaining heat will dissolve the remainder.


Here is ready for the chocolate spread it cools (not in the refrigerator), for 24 hours, and ready in a jar. It ‘important not taste it …. would not arrive the next day !!!!!!

Chocolate cream, freshly made and irresistible ….


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