Vegan pancakes, but good for everyone!

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I know…. There are millions of pancake recipes, but the vegan recipe must have perfect doses, in my opinion! Before publishing this article, I tried several times to be sure of the result.

The pancakes vegan . I suggest, have the following ingredients :

  1.  Flour 00. oz.14
  2. Brown sugar or normal, 3 oz.
  3. Ground cinnamon, a tablespoon.
  4. Baking powder oz 1.
  5. Vegetable milk ml. 500 (I use coconut milk to drink).
  6. Extra virgin olive oil, one tablespoon.


We combine the solid parts in a large bowl and mix them well, then a little at a time we add the vegetable milk, mixing vigorously; it would be better to mix with a whisk, thus incorporating more air. After reaching the consistency of the “batter”, let stand for 10-15 minutes before proceeding with the cooking in the pan.

Dough finished.

The mixture will last for 3-4 days in the refrigerator, it is important that, before cooking, we vigorously re-stir the mixture in order to awaken it and dilute it a little with more milk!

The non-stick pan should be hot, otherwise it will burn the outside and the inside will be raw. For a classic size of the pancake you can pour a spoon and a half into the pan, and with the same spoon slightly widen the dough while cooking; while, if we prefer thin crepes, simply roll out the dough to the maximum on the surface of the pan. We can also help with a lid to speed up. It will take a maximum of 2 minutes to cook on each side, it all depends on the size of the pancake, the flame and if we use the lid. In any case, as soon as the mixture starts to detach from the bottom of the pot we can already turn to the other side.

Once cooked, you will see that they will be as soft as their vegetarian brothers! We can fill with the jam we have available, I personally used the products I made at home, and to take photos of the mini-cake I alternated the various layers: apricot jam, orange marmalade and homemade vegan chocolate; but if you want we can also serve them with ice cream …… vegan ice cream that you can make at home!
In the photo I created a classic mini pancake … ..!

IMG_3506 (2)

Et voila …


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