“Pellecchielle”? Yes! But jam “Pellecchielle” !!!!!

From the slopes of Mount Somma, from fertile soils, rich in minerals such as potassium, known element for the positive influence on the organoleptic quality of the fruit, there comes a gift … .. the Pellecchiella: A Particular quality of apricots has the IGP and mature from the first half of June. Its pulp Particularly sweet and fleshy, His orange colors and soft, do not leave me indifferent! I “discovered” a farmer, I discovered His Land, His half apricot trees, it was love at first sight (with trees …. Not with the farmer, good for more than 70 year old man) !!! Since my mom always prepares the preserves for the winter, and tradition (ingrained in me) continues! Today I propose jam “pellecchielle” I will propose in a future article Also the juice …. “Nectar” with unique flavors as unique is my Vesuvius (a bit of pride concedetemelo ….) !!


1- apricots 1 Kg

2- Sugar 0.450 kg (I used brown sugar)

3- Much love for the truth of flavors.

4- Nothing else


-Sciacquate well as apricots, if they are not organic, as each fruit or vegetables, leave them 30 minutes in water, I will lose water-soluble pesticides, and then rinse “in satisfaction.”


-Denocciolatele, and Privatel of any party “overripe” brownish. If you prefer the jam into large pieces, you can cut them at this internship, I will pass it with frullimix for having “smooth”, then leave them in half Now !!


-Inseritele in a large pot, add the sugar too, and turn the medium high flame!

IMG_9499 (2)

-Let cook, stirring Often!

For timing, I can not give you time perfect and precise, but only a guideline, Because cooking is dependent on the degree of maturity of apricot, by its size and by the stove flame of house staff.

After Approximately 25 minutes (see photo), blend with frullimix.


-FAR cook for about 5/10 minutes still (that depends on the consistency more like), and then while still hot, insert it into the tins !!


– “Attappate, attappate GOOD!”

Personally after I give him always a boil, I know I am 100% sure my jam That I Can Also enjoy the Following year (Although we will not maiiii!)

– After closing tins well, take a very high and large pot, the bottom put a cloth (will need to cushion the taps That the jar will suffer two to the boil), and filled with very hot water (Because being hot jars, if we put the cold water riscchieremmo the cracking of the same for the thermal shock), then stick the jars with the stopper upwards. Replenish water up to overcome the jars of three fingers of water (must be totally immersed in the water).

IMG_9530 (2)

-Accendete the flame and wait for the boil, boil bubbles just for an hour (you unwind I recommend), then turn off and let the jars cool without removing it from the pot, in practice dimenticateveli ……!

-When the water has Reached room temperature, dry them, if you want to label them, and store !!!

IMG_9718 (2)

When, in the winter, you can enjoy this delicacy, for breakfast, or as a filling for a pie, it will be the summer explosion billions of taste buds, your !!!!



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