Eggplant Chocolate! Chocolate? Idea vegan!

The “eggplant chocolate” is a recipe typical of the Amalfi Coast ; the massive sweet spread is due to the work of the Sisters of St. Mary of Mercy . In fact, after the niece of Nicholas II,  traveling in Italy, he bores S. Lamb, Augustinian nuns brought as a gift to her, a basket full of local products, including the eggplant with chocolate: this sweet liked very much to the noble , and that was how the sisters donated the recipe for pastry chefs in the area.

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Ingredients for 4 portions:

  • Cocoa powder G.40.
  • Sugar g. 30 (we can add more at the end of the preparation to our taste when the chocolate is still warm).
  • Coconut milk (to drink) 200 ml (for vegetarians … cow’s milk)
  • G corn starch. 20.
  • Eggplant n. 4 large.
  • Roasted hazelnuts , almonds, candied fruit.


Before we prepare the eggplant : we wash well, We peel, cut them into thick slices about cm 0.5 and put them in salt (essential), ie the eggplant cut (sliced for the classic version) sprinkle of continuiando salt layering eggplant, salt , etc …. . This step is important because without the eggplant is the bitter taste, but also water (which, during frying, would make them too soft). Let the eggplant for about 15-20 minutes, no more. At this point, the faster we wash and strizziamo a bit.

IMG_3953 (3)


While the eggplant rest we can make a dark chocolate:

We combine solid patios, so the cocoa, sugar and starch and blend it.

IMG_4416 (2)

We heat the coconut milk and pour the little at a time to the mixture, helping with a whisk. You will see that any lumps disappear during cooking, the maximum will eliminate them with an immersion blender.

IMG_4420 (2)

While the chocolate cools pass to frying the eggplant in hot oil and hot. I have prepared the melazane sliced ​​to prepare individual portions.

IMG_4426 (2)

It can do is dial the sweet as a single dose or in a roasting pan. We begin to stratify starting from the chocolate, then the eggplant, the other chocolate, hazelnuts and or and or candied almonds, and so on. The last layer will be covered with chocolate dried fruit. Let rest for a few hours in the fridge!


And flies … ..

IMG_4440 (3)



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