Vegan sponge cake

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Before arriving at the right doses have experienced it a few times, but I could not find the cake / Sponge cake perfect vegan, texture is a cross between the cake and the classic vegetarian Spain Pan with eggs. For this recipe it is scheduled to faba water, but I wonder what the ‘faba water ? The faba water is obtained from the water of the chickpeas cooking. In practice, the latter contains proteins that replace the dates from egg proteins, thus giving structure to panettone and mounts just like the egg whites are mounted. Below I will explain how we can produce it, and store it. Subsequently, scrolling the page., You will find the cake recipe … ..!

Preparation of ‘ faba water (AF):

  • g.300 dried chickpeas (but if you want even more, it’s up to you to decide)
  • water
  • Bicarbonate.

We put the chickpeas to soak with water (plenty of water, exceed the level of chickpeas) and quite a tablespoon of baking soda overnight. In the morning we filter the chickpeas, we wash them and cook them in the water, always abundant, and cook for a couple of hours minimum, the time depends on the size of the legume that we used. PS with a pressure cooker, the cooking time is considerably reduced! After baking recover the cooking water draining the chickpeas with the colander leaning against a pot where the fall faba water. Chickpeas can use them to make vegan meatballs or to make “pasta and chickpeas.” Let us, therefore, to cool the water and then rest in the refrigerator a few hours before use. Personally I leave it in the refrigerator a couple of days so gels and when I mount it is more compact. P.S. For those who KitchenAid speed to use is 4/5, if we use a higher speed will not mount and unmount well!

Now let’s see how we can use the water for Faba our cake vegan.

Ingredients for the cake:

  • Water Faba g. 300.
  • Sugar g. 250 (I use raw cane sugar, but choose what you prefer).
  • Peanut oil g. 150.
  • Flour (type 0) 500 g. .
  • Soymilk ml. 300.
  • Baking powder for cakes g. 21 approx. ( 1/2 tbsp)
  • An orange / lemon bio (including grattuggeremo the outside).
  • Limoncello 2 abundant cups about 80 ml (or an aromatic liquor that you prefer).
  • Turmeric 1 tsp.
  • Vanilla bean. From which we will take with the tip of a knife the inner part. (Vanilla aroma is very important, if you have the berry used a vanilla flavor).


We beat the ‘AF cold well with a whisk (just as you do with the egg) for about 6 minutes, so will be very firm. Riponiamola in the refrigerator while preparing the rest.

water faba 5

Preparation of sponge cake vegan:

We combine the oil together with the turmeric and grated orange peel and begin to always blend with the wire whisk, then add the limoncello, then sugar, vanilla, soy milk, and yeast; let mix for a few minutes. Then we change the whip, using the leaf (if you want we can always use wire whip because the final dough is very hard), and finally we combine the flour a little at a time. Let’s mix the ingredients for a few minutes.

At this point we join half of ‘ faba water whipped until stiff dough base:

img_2165 (2)

… then by hand, with a wooden or plastic teaspoon, with a movement that goes from the center outwards and downwards as it does for the sponge cake (ok … shuffled), inglobiamo the all white ‘ dough (you will see that the dough comicerà to be soft).

img_2176 (2)

When everything is incorporated add the other half white and continue to incorporate ……! At this point, pour the final mixture into the molds and bake for about 40-45 minutes at 160 ° C. Check to see if they are cooked using a wooden toothpick long to “pierce” in the sweet, if extracting the toothpick is not dry but with wet waste, let cook a little longer!

img_2185 (2)

Let cool … ..

Et voila …… recommend to taste this cake with jam !!

img_2194 (3)


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