Tower of “Contour”

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One to two wheel steering wheel … .. I want to outlines, more side dishes …. but delicious, mouth-watering, tasty … ..! “So the” tower Outline “was born !. In reality a second easy to make, not pretentious, and I believe in the “ropes” of all / i us. Vegetables served as a “tower” of the warm and crusty bread. Friarielli , potatoes fried , mushrooms, broccoli and again to complete the “Tower.” But we see the individual steps in detail.


  • Friarielli (at will)
  • Potatoes (at will)
  • Mushroom (at will)
  • Rosemary
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Garlic
  • Nutmeg , salt and pepper to taste


Let’s start with broccoli :

After rinsing the leaves well, smaller ones and keep, along with the flowers , let’s leave them in waterfor 30 minutes (this will lose water-soluble pesticides, so we will avoid putting them in our bodies). At this point we fill a large pot with water, carry it to a boil, and climb caliamo the friarielli. We will make them cook (turning them from time to time) for about 15 minutes, so that will be more digestible (why lose “the amarostico” which makes them a bit difficult parts to digestion). After the cooking time, scoliamoli well, let them cool and soffriggiamoli in plenty …. and I mean plenty of extra virgin olive oil with garlic. Let cook for about 10/15 minutes, always turning occasionally, aggiustiando salt if necessary. PS add the pepper, while cooking it would not hurt … ..!

We continue with the preparation of the potatoes in a wet basis:

After peeled and washed potatoes, cut them into cubes, let’s make them bake in extra virgin olive oil, garlic and rosemary, in a frying pan. First with a medium flame, after about 5 minutes, we climb and pepiamo, and raise the high medium flame for another 5 minutes, stirring often the abundance of potatoes. Then cover with a lid and we lower the flame, medium low, always remembering to turn occasionally. Ultimiamo cooking the potatoes over high heat, and without cover.

We conclude with the preparation of mushrooms:

After rinsing the mushrooms under running water and deprived of their skins, tagliamoli slices and proceed with the cooking in a pan with garlic, oil, pepper, nutmeg if you like, and salt. The cooking should proceed with medium-low flame to the top, then raised a little if you prefer that the mushrooms are browned. Gardening just about 10 minutes of cooking if the fungus is not too wet.

Mushrooms cooked.

Both broccoli that mushrooms could also preapararli the day before and store in the fridge. Just heat them and they will be as soon as facts. The fries are hand made at the time, absolutely !!!

Let the bread toasting ….! We simply can cut into slices, copparlo with a mold, and pass it in a frying pan and pretty hot, hot (make sure not scottarci please!).

IMG_0740 - Copy - Copy (2)
Bread for toasting.

We just have to assemble, and enjoy this symphony of flavors …… !!! Enjoy your meal…..

Tower of contorno2


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