The “magic cube”, the natural evolution of Caprese vegan, sweet typical of Capri !!!

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With the same basic recipe of vegan biscuits (clik on ” biscuits vegan ” for the recipe), we can make a cake and stuff to our liking. In these pictures I offer my personal decoration, but it goes without saying that the decoration follows the personal fantasy of everyone.

To make the cake after the fact (clik on “dough according to the recipe) l ‘ basic dough   spianiamolo on a baking pan, or preferably on the baking paper, we give the form that we want and a thickness not exceeding 3 cm. Bake, choosing the ventilated function, for about 30 minutes at 180 ° C (after a minute Venina begin to control because each oven “is whether”). Let cool thoroughly, gently transported the base because it is crumbly (I recommend you carry it with all baking paper, then remove it after transportation!

Finally, you can dress it as you like, and serve with jam or chocolate spread vegan , or (for non-vegans) with ice cream, whipped cream or cream cheese (raw cane sugar and ricotta, as I did) … ..!


It will be like a gustere “Caprese” vegan, with all the wonderful flavor of Capri does not vegan!




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