The faba water, acting albumen!

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L ‘faba water is obtained from the water of the chickpeas cooking. In practice this water contains proteins that replace the egg albumen proteins in vegan, thus giving structure (for example to panettone vegan) and mounts just like the egg whites are mounted. Below I will explain how we can produce it and store it. Its use is great for preparing panettone vegans as we shall see in future articles.

Water preparation faba (AF):

  • g.300 dried chickpeas (but if you want even more, it’s up to you to decide)
  • water
  • Bicarbonate.

We put the chickpeas to soak with water (plenty of water, exceed the level of chickpeas) and quite a tablespoon of baking soda overnight. On the morning scoliamo chickpeas, we wash them and cook them in the water, always abundant, and cook for a couple of hours. After we recover cooking the cooking water, scoliamo the chickpeas with the colander leaning against a pot where the fall faba water. Chickpeas can use them to make vegan meatballs or to make “pasta and chickpeas.” Let us, then, to cool water and rest in the fridge a few hours before use. Personally I leave it in the refrigerator a couple of days so gels and when I mount it is more compact.

acua faba1

When assemble, after ten minnuti around, this is the result … .:

img_2153 (2)

Three tablespoons of water concentrated faba correspond to the first egg!

water faba 5


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