The “Biete” young ladies are served! -Vegan aperitif.

The beets (Biete) are a variety of beets ; the ideal would be to steam them, to preserve the amount of heat-sensitive vitamins, and minerals (K and Fe). They are rich in fibers, for this contributes to lowering the glycemic index during meals, give a high sense of satiety, good for diabetics and hypertensives.
My preparation involves cooking the beets large costs in salted boiling water and then turn them into good snacks, healthy and quench with taste and class!

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IMG_4180 (2)

Specifically I’m using organic beets, so just a quick rinse , otherwise leave them in water for a good half hour, will discharge water-soluble pesticides (like all vegetables non-organic).


After having rinsed the cut , including stems, and the caliamo in boiling water and salt to taste For the cooking will do a ten to fifteen minutes, personally I prefer a little more crisp. Scoliamole well and condiamole …!

At this point we can choose between two versions, light or lightly fried , in both cases we will use, garlic and olive oil.

Today “felt” in the light version, so I added a bit of extra virgin olive oil and finely chopped garlic. IMG_4255

I realized the bruschette, slicing bread and making biscottare some non-stick skillet. I decorated with vegan mayonnaise , tomatoes and lemon …

Et voila … ..

IMG_4281 (2)


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