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In Japanese, Seitan literally means “is protein”. The protein in question is the “Gluten Free”, so it’s always good to associate eating with other protein sources such as legumes, so we will have a balanced diet from a nutritional point of view. The Seitan is forbidden only to celiac disease, and those with an intolerance to gluten. It lends itself to a wide range of savory preparations , suitable for vegetarians and vegans, but in reality they can enjoy it all. We can cook it for example with meat sauce, make a “Genoa”, or crushed as a “Bologna; sliced replaces the tenderloin, in short, is really versatile ! Who uses buy it at the supermarket knows how much it costs, so we decided to make a video on howprepare it at home, it is very simple and much, much cheaper. Scrolling down the page you will find the ingredients list and detailed steps after the Video summary on the preparation of Seitan! Mothers and Grandmothers with children or grandchildren vegetarian or vegan, this recipe is dedicated to you that you never know what to prepare to make them well …. !!!

Here’s the video !!!


  • Wheat flour high percentage of glutinous protein (preferably organic). 1 Kg.
  • Water qb


1) Knead the flour with water to form a dough, similar to what we do for the pizza. Thus, in a large bowl, let us place the dough cover it with water up to full coverage, and we leave it to rest for 12 hours (take so much time to form the best possible links between the gluten molecules).

2) passed the necessary hours, we will proceed to do a bit of “box” with the dough, under cold running water (do not use hot water because it would melt all the gluten bonds and the desired dough not be formed): crushed between the fingers the dough immersed in the water, you will see that initially lose a lot of starch, changing water and continuing to work the dough, the water will always be less white and will tend to transparent. We end up doing “box” when the dough will become spongy, it is just like a sponge!

3) At this point we close the dough in a cloth (free of detergent residues) helping with kitchen twine, and immergiamolo in boiling salted water (use a very large pot), cook for an hour and a half.

4) After cooking drain the Seitan, open the cloth (we are careful not scottarci), et voila, our Seitan is ready !!


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