Roast potatoes! Crazy stuff…..!

This type of preparation of the potatoes is simple and with a result that a lot of satisfaction. First for flavor, but they are also beautiful to the eye!

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  • Potatoes of the same size.
  • Rosemary (abound).
  • Extra virgin olive oil .
  • Salt and Pepper To Taste .
  • Any other flavoring you like it ….!


After washing well the potatoes, cut them into slices (about half a centimeter) leaving the underlying untrimmed part (cut up to 3/4 slice). Lets spend a few seconds under running water, we tamponiamo a bit and proceed to season with the aromas.

IMG_4309 (3)

Between the slices we insert rosemary, and then to snow, salt and pepper. At this point the insert in aluminum foil (also in pairs) and then into the pan. After you prepare the potatoes in their containers we pour the oil over the potatoes, help even with a pastry brush, so the oil will be distributed better, if you have not used a spoon brush and fingers.

We close the potatoes in aluminum foil, well well, and bake at 190 ° C for about 40 minutes, static oven!


Et voila ……




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