“Parmigiana” aubergine, italian and vegan to scream!

I do not want discussions, this classic-vegan proposal you have to try it, you will open the doors of paradise, because it brings with it the keys of tradition, period!

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The process is “paro paro” to “normal” version, the difference is the addition of vegan cheese, which makes the godurioso bite and scioglievole …….! Below as is my habit will report photos and steps for those who want to try it but it is not very practical in the kitchen!

⛔️⛔️PS It is not a recipe for those who are on a diet ….!⛔️⛔️

Ingredients for two people:


After washing well well the eggplant , and removed the stalk, cut them into thick slices . Purists after cutting put them for about 15 minutes under salt (ie, on a plane, make a layer of eggplant and will pour in salt snow up and continue the stratification), so as to lose both a evetuale excess of bitter, both a bit of vegetable water so the fry will be less heavy.

IMG_3953 (3)

In a pan, preheated, add plenty of oil for frying, and expect that heats up to the right temperature (to be sure of reaching the frying, we can insert the tip temperature of a toothpick, if you fry we are riding, or try again after some matter of seconds etc …).

Then proceed with the fried ….!


In a baking pan, we stratifichiamo as follows:

  1. Salsa on the bottom.
  2. Eggplant.
  3. Cheese, basil and pepper (if desired).
  4. Sauce.
  5. Eggplant.
  6. … and so on, the last concludetelo layer with cheese covered by the sauce, the pepper and the basil.

Bake, grill function (upper side) at 200 ° C for about 10 minutes (it should form the flavorful crust).

Et volilà ………

IMG_4038 (2)


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