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Today there is none for anybody today, “Mammarelle” padded for all !!! The Mammola is a Roman variety of artichoke in Campania is recognized as “Mammarella”. It lends its generosity and kindness to different types of recipes and cooking. I propose vegan recipe with “arruscatella” cooking. Below the video ” Carcioffola ” complete with all the steps of my recipe for Artichoke “imbottonato”. I recommend this video and I advise you to turn up the volume … the tradition must be made to feel with “force”😉

Let the written recipe for 4 people:


– 4 artichokes (Mammarelle).

– 4 potatoes, boiled and peeled , of medium size.

– 300g of mushrooms cooked in a pan with the onions or garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper.

– parsley to taste, salt, garlic, extra virgin olive oil

– 1 lemon


Browse eliminating leathery parts also from the stem and put the heart of the artichoke in lemon water to prevent them from oxidizing and then blacken ….!

We crush the potatoes , you can choose to do it by hand or with a potato masher. We add salt and pepper. We combine the mushrooms with potatoes mashed and let them marry!

With a spoon farciamo the Mammarelle and inseriamole to “upside down” in the pan, where we precedentemete added a little oil, then add garlic and parsley. Cover with a lid and turn on the flame that initially must be low-medium, only after about 10 minutes we increase medium-high. Passed 18/20 minutes “scoperchiamo” and cook for “arruscare” the artichoke also in the sides …!

I can only wish you “Bon Appetit” and do not forget to let me know if you liked the “Mammarelle Imbottonate” !!

W Artichoke!


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