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They are the 3:30 am and still dark. E ‘in August and it is a new day. The elders said, ” The morning has gold in the mouth “.


I get up from bed, no alarm clock, for the pleasure of breathing fresh air, clean and without “noise pollution and energy.” I put on a great coffee so as to speed up communication between mind and body. I’m ready to start! I prepare the wood, the lighter and do a good morning to the stars of today: the peppers ! With their vitamin colors and summer on! And ‘almost dawn, it is a quarter past four in the morning, the coals are ready, and I am the second coffee. It ‘s still dark and there on the table my beautiful 20 kg of peppers to roast! I think the lunches of cold winter Sunday, but also Monday, Tuesday, … and how these peppers will warm to those who eat them heart with their scents, colors and flavors.

IMG_0202 (4)Protecting traditions and their beauty is priceless; protect what is beautiful links us to the past is priceless. At a time when the summer is recognized, by now, only through the “beauty” of the air conditioning and the “tranquility” of the immense crowds in shopping malls, enjoy the sunrise and the company poetry of silence, the quietness of the peppers , once again, is priceless … ..!

IMG_0205 (2)

In itself, as you’ll see, this article does not describe a recipe, but a tradition rooted in my family, my mom sent me thanks to his passion for good food, for nature and for life.


  1. peppers
  2. Stoker
  3. Coffee


We prepare a nice brace, over high heat, very much alive ….! Adagiamo with the respect due the peppers on the grill,’s sit sipping coffee until the “pellecchia” one side is well-burned (for the timing depends on the type of “liveness” of the brace that you have prepared); turn side and complete burning of all sides of the peppers. Then remove from heat ……


At this point, after having cooled the peppers, puliamoli under running water, eliminating all residues of burn well and the stalk, let us place the peppers in a flat bottom, because it will tend to lose a bit of gravy. We can eat them by jumping in a pan with garlic, oil, salt, pitted black olives and parsley. Or we can freeze them in special containers, or by prior vacuum if you have the suitable machine.


And now back to sleep ……. Sweet Dreams to everyone !!!!




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