Marmalade of onions … to try !

I suppose in many’re twisting the nose, you ask: “Marmalade of onions?”. The first time I tasted it I did not like because they were no raw onions I cooked, crispy and strange, and then there was a fairly liquid part that has not convinced me. If you buy, also, it costs so much !! But I took it the potential and I worked my way. The result was excellent, when I propose to dinner as a sauce for the appetizer, is selling like hotcakes. I made it even taste my greengrocers confidence, hesitant at the highest level … ..; I only say that, after having tasted it, he called me from afar, saying, “Signuri site at nummer one, agge made taste in jams and onions to my family in the evenings and Christmas, I know remained stunned all of them, it was too sapurite, ancestral and congratulations ‘and all of them …… spectacular! “. These are satisfactions!!!!

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When I prepare I do quite a bit, even using small cans, because it becomes a nice gift and appreciated.

This jam can be made with any kind of onions, but my personal advice is to use the onion, or a quality dry onion, so the yield will be better; and to facilitate the greatest peeling the better!

Serves 4 cans g.500 (halve the doses if you want to try it or eat it right away for a dinner ….):


  1. Onions 2 kg.
  2. Sugar (preferably brown sugar) g. 400.
  3. Apple cider vinegar, 4 cups, about 200./ ml wine vinegar 2 cups (regulator according to your taste tasting)
  4. Salt g. 10.
  5. extra virgin olive oil 3 tablespoons.


We peel the onions and cut them laviamole as if we wanted to do a fried without being too precise, we just try to make them more or less the same thickness.

Washers red onion

Let’s put them to cook in a large pot, add 3 tablespoons oil, cover with a lid, the flame must be medium-low. Bake for approximately 80 minutes, taking care to turn every so often, then add the salt, mix and let cook for another 10-15 minutes. In this way the onion is cooking well, until it became almost a cream.IMG_4810 (2)

After this time we pass the cooked onion in a low pan and roomy because we will have to add sugar and evaporate the excess water, so dry the jam.

IMG_4812 (2)

Once we changed the pot, add all the sugar, we light the flame to be average in intensity, and let the sugar dissolve well for about 25 minutes. Then add two cups of vinegar and let it dry, after about 10 minutes add the other two cups letting it dry for another 10 minutes, until you have all the ingredients well thickened between them, and a consistency of jam.

IMG_4871 (2)

We fill the jars and tappiamoli well. Last step: We fill water, very hot (because the jars will be very hot, so we will avoid the thermal shock with consequent breakage of the same), a large pot (so as to contain the 4 jars) on the bottom and put a cloth (which will serve to avoid collisions with the bottom of the cans during boiling). PS we can fill the pot with water and put it directly on the fire until it will be very hot. We insert the jars (that will be hot) into the pot with hot water, cover with the lid and let boil for one hour starting from the first boil. This last step will make the sterile jar and we may retain jam even one year. If we do not preserve it and eat it right away there will be no need for boiling.

Passed the time, do not touch anything, let cool the cans together with the water, until it reaches the ambient temperature (otherwise you risk that the cans are spacchino for the thermal shock).

We serve our aperitifs and much more ….


You just have to keep them for future dinners, you can go with cheese (for vegetarians, excellent even with the simple fried egg), make sensational sandwiches, to accompany roasted vegetables, savory croutons, etc …!




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