Cream-coconut cooked, vegan!


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Pannacotta, vegan and imagination ….

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Ingredients for 4 people:

  • 1 L of pure coconut milk drink (not the canned coconut milk).
  • 60 g. brown sugar, or 50 of glucose.
  • 4 g. agar agar powder.




In a saucepan pour the coconut milk together with the sugar and mix with a whisk. We add the ‘ agar agar and scramble well, we heat over medium-high heat, and always stir for about 8/9 minutes without bringing to a boil, but almost …!

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We mix it all, do we simmer for a few minutes

After the cooking time, let cool until it reaches the ambient temperature. Pour the mixture into glasses, or jam jars, or aluminum cups (the latter do not recommend it because you are likely to break the extraction form, although we can always try it !!). Let coagulate the “cream-coconut” in the fridge for at least 2 hours. Decorate as desired with the apricot jam or with cocoa or hazelnuts , or to taste, so there is no limit to the imagination!

Panna cotta of coconut pineapple jelly
Panna cotta with coconut milk on pineapple jelly.



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