The Pacchero cRockettaro!

Did you ever did try a “Chorus of Paccheri”? The good ones … the ones Vegans ?

package service blanched be pad
Choir Paccheri, you hear it? 🙂

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But first you must know that it is a complete meal, serve with a sauce to your liking, or with a fresh salad. You still have to know which one leads to another … and that end in 4 seconds. To them we must be good background music, a good half a glass of wine and so much love. Now I am silent and pitch to the description of my vegan recipe! Good Paccheriataaaa!

For 8 paccheri cRockettari:

  1. Gragnano (choose pasta made from 100% Italian wheat)
  2. A large potato (g. 250)
  3. Champignon mushrooms
  4. Nutmeg, Rosemary
  5. Salt and Pepper To Taste
  6. Extra virgin olive oil
  7. of Peanut oil (for fritturina)

For the batter : ( clikka ⇒ here for the video-procedure  00:54 sec and / or point 2 of the recipe)

  1. Bread crumbs 200 g (approximately)
  2. Farina (also Italian)
  3. Water qb
  4. Salt and Pepper To Taste

Procedure :

In a frying pan Fry some oil with the potatoes cut into small cubes. In another pan, however, we Fry the oil and the mushrooms sliced. We condiamo both pans with garlic, oil, salt, nutmeg, rosemary and pepper. For the mushrooms enough about ten minutes for the fries instead a little more.

Arriving at the browning, both of mushrooms that of chips, uniamoli, let them cool and then frulliamo all. This is a dough that we can prepare the day before; the important thing is to remember to store it in the fridge.

We boil water, when it comes to a boil and let us go up caliamo our Paccheri that they will not get to complete cooking. Li scoleremo, then after only 6 minutes, in this way shall maintain their shape. Most important is to separate after draining, or in the cool down will stick to each other and broke when we try to detach them for imbottirli.

package service blanched be pad

Imbottiamo one by one these jewels. Helping with a sacapoche.

Prepare the batter : in a dish, put the flour and add the water, a little at a time, mixing with a fork, until it reaches the consistency of a yogurt. You can see the video of the preparation  just clicking here ⇒ video-method  00:54 sec. and read the point 2 of the recipe.

We soak the padded paccheri first in the batter and then in bread crumbs. We close the well openings by repeating the breading up to perfect closure, (this step is especially important for vegetarians who can possibly enrich the mixture with cottage cheese,  mozzarella or cheese).

Paccheri breaded

In a pan, we do well to heat the frying oil and cautiously immergiamovi the “cRocKopaccheri”.

paccheri breaded frying

These treats can be served at the table with any accompanying sauce or even to un’insala fresh. These Paccheri are so good that infuses even yourself … .. will be perfect!

I served them with roast potatoes and mushrooms !!!

Paccheri breaded impiattati1



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