Spaghetti with zucchini, vegan and light !!!

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Seeing “around” this cooking proposal from the zucchini I decided to try it …. target hit and sunk! The council is open to different interpretations, and it is easy to do. It is also lightweight, and you can dress the zucchini as you like, the calories will be given only by dressing ……! PS get yourself a suitable cutter, which you can find in stores that sell items for the kitchen, it costs a few euro.

Ingredients for two people:

  • 4 medium / large zucchini
  • Zucchini flowers at will (never enough, they’re good!)
  • Garlic
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt and Pepper To Taste
  •  Want to try new stuff ….


After rinsing well both courgettes which the flowers (for the latter … open them to ensure that there are no insettini inside and the pistil is cool).

IMG_0375 (3)

Let’s start by cooking the flowers: let’s put them in a pan with garlic, oil, salt and pepper, initially medium-low heat ….

IMG_0428 (2)

The zucchini flowers are in need of a short cooking about 15 minutes maximum ……

IMG_0432 (2)

IMG_0454 (2)

While the flowers are cooking, we put water on the fire, where he will cook for just a few minutes linguine with zucchini … .. And now “linguiniamo” zucchini … ..

IMG_0395 (2)

We climb the cooking water, and before that bubble, climb (with a little more than the basic amount of salt) in the water caliamo zucchini and spegnamo fire!


Let soften for 3-4 minutes linguine and scoliamole well.

Check the flavor of zucchini (we correct possibly adding a little salt and then mixing), and condiamo with the flowers, making them stir-fry and serve … .. !!! Bon appétit !!!

IMG_0500 (2)





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