Traditional and vegan sartù

The rice sartù is an old Neapolitan recipe. I told my dad that his mom often prepared on Sunday, a vegetarian version because he was a vegetarian (we speak of the ’50s), and also prepared the return of the honeymoon of my parents. So this my vegan version, basic, and Bourbon inspiration, I dedicate it to my grandmother Iolanda, I have known little but to which I always want a lot of good ……! In three generations my family has moved from the “classic” version to vegetarian, to “rise” a vegan.

PS The evolution is especially recognize their mistakes never to repeat them, everything else is cowardice of mind.” Cit. OA

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Basic Ingredients:

  1. Rice cooked, al dente. I recommend the Carnaroli.
  2. Cooked tomato sauce, “tightly” and in abundant quantities.
  3. Eggplant (sliced and fried).
  4. Vegan cheese (not essential).
  5. Peas cooked with olive oil and onions .
  6. Pepper, salt, basil to taste.
  7. Any other ingredient you like it, because in the end, “what you put, what we find.”


In a nice bowl combine the rice with the sauce and peas.

Then foderiamo the mold with fried eggplant, I have prepared the mini-portions, but we can safely line a large mold, so porzionarlo sliced. Remember to line so as to leave a portion of the slices of free melazane, outside of the mold.

Now we proceed to stuff the mold by layering the ingredients, then cheese, rice, sauce, and so on … ..! We close with the flaps of the eggplant sartù. We can either prepare all the ingredients the day before, and even assemble them, so there will only have to bake if necessary.

Bake for 15 minutes at 190 ° C.

Et voila … .., does not remain me to wish you good appetite !!!

IMG_4074 (2)

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