Paste and pastels …. colors and first good food and beautiful!

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The mother of Laganelle is  LAGANA , the etymology of the word comes from the southern LAGANA Lagane voice that is …. “Strips of pasta, lasagne”. I will bring them in the form vegan, egg-free, but colorful green and red ……! They are simple to do, with a few quality ingredients that restaurant … .more … ..! You can do everything by hand, or get help (as I did) from the sheeter. Below I will list basic ingredients and precise doses . I can only wish you good fun in the kitchen, along with your favorite music, or while blaring grandchildren or children … and in the latter case … .. start the adventure !!!

Serves 4 hungry politely:

For laganelle red:


-Semola durum wheat, wheat exclusively Italian, g. 150.

-Concentrated tomato, exclusively Italian tomato, g. 60.

-Water g. 120.

For laganelle green:


-Semola durum wheat (as above) g. 150.

-Spinaci, g. 300, washed, blanched, smoothies (with a bit of cooking water, to preserve a tumbler) and passed with the pass so as to obtain a total of approximately g. 160 of spinach juice.


Method. … very simple and valid for the two compounds separately:

-Unite the durum wheat semolina with the tomato paste, preliminarily dissolved in the water available, kneading all, when they form a nice dough as in the photo let stand 10 minutes.

-Idem for green laganella, combine the flour with the juice of spinach and mix very well.

-Tirate the dough (not “behind” your husband I recommend, it would be a shame to lose the dough), by hand or with the dough sheeter, I used the sheeter, gradually up to the n. 3.

If you want to play with “your little ones” you can create combinations of the mixture of red and green paste, as you can see from the photos. You can, for example, create the laganelle, or …., Cut the dough into rectangles, the “giants Butterflies”, beautiful and evocative … .. or cut into strips, or a multi-layered lasagna and multicolor … …


In short, in product, division, and why not, in multiplication, you can do whatever takes your fancy and fun !!!!!



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