Gnocchi fried with avocado cream.

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I had the pleasure of meeting a manufacturer of Sicilian avocados, from whom I am well stocked by buying quite a bit. I thought about how to make a dish a little unusual but not intaccasse avocado goodness in its properties. So I decided to make these fried dumplings stuffed with avocado cream. The cooking in frying is very fast because the dough is thin, and avocado freshness remains intact in his goodness.

For the preparation of the basic gnocchi we can to click on ⇒ Basic recipe dough dumplings. Where to find ingredients and detailed steps.

Serves 4 g will suffice. 300 potato, and g.150 of flour , plus a little flour to be used for machining. In this case the relationship between potatoes and flour is 2: 1.

For the stuffing:

  • Avocados 2
  • Onion, it will serve little (later depending on taste)
  • Salt, pepper, nutmeg
  • Fry oil.

Preparation of avocado cream:

In substance it is similar to guacamole without tomatoes and lemon, but with nutmeg.

We collect the avocado flesh into a bowl, add salt, pepper, nutmeg and the little small chopped onion. We mix it all with a fork. The filling is made.

We give shape to the fried dumplings.

Before you start you should know that the dough is very wet so keep ready the flour is to sprinkle both hands as the basis on which spianeremo the dough.

Adagiamo the dough on a base of flour and stendiamolo initially by hand, then first check that you have not attaches them to the base (eventulamente add more flour always at the base) and Spolverizziamo flour of the dough in the upper part; We continue to roll out with a rolling pin, so we get a homogeneous surface.

At this point coppiamo forms, I used a round shape, but there is no reason to cut squares, indeed will be faster realizzarli.Non we can do is imbottirli and close, sealing the edges applying a slight, very slight pressure with a fork.

We just have to fry … voila … .et.

fried dumpling





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