Flowers vegan, with bechamel sauce and artichoke cream!

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Given that the shape of the pasta is a tribute to nature, it goes without saying that you can also make the recipe with the sheets of lasagne basic if you do not have the molds; the important thing is the content and the quality of the end result, which I assure you is amazing!


  • Pettole fresh pasta. To make them at home clik on  lasagna.
  • cooked artichokes, browned with salt, garlic and chili oil.
  • Bechamel vegan; clik on  white sauce vegan  for homemade recipe.



Blend artichokes (leaving some for decoration), taking care to remove even the most leathery leaves cooked. Add the sauce to the cream of artichoke.


Cook the lasagne flowers in boiling water and salt to taste (taking care, after cooking, not to overlap to prevent it from sticking together).

We proceed with layering: fine pasta and stuffing … .. and so on …; the last layer will be with the bĂ©chamel vegan.

IMG_2449 (3)
Flower vegan pre-baking.

Bake for 15-20 minutes, at 190 ° C, grill function, until the lasagnetta begins to brown the surface.

Et voila …

IMG_2471 (3)

IMG_2470 (4)





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