Brioches vegan desserts! Soft soft fluffy …

The sweet brioche that I propose are great, vegan and easy to do! The we can freeze, so let’s make a lot and when we feel like a soft brioche, soft, and sweet enough to thaw it! The dough is very similar to the savory croissants, change a few things, for example, the dose that sugar!

We can also imbottirle with della⇒ jam or ⇒cioccolata , dried fruit, simply mash a little bit as a kind of pizzetta, with a small teaspoon put what we desire, richiudiamo the forming of balls. Or before making the molds, we can add chocolate chips to the dough, mix them together, and then the balls that form then we will rise ……! Or we can leave them in purity and serve with ice cream, maybe vegan ….!

IMG_4782 (2)


  1. Flour Manitoba g.380.
  2. 190 g flour 00.
  3. Yeast (fresh dough) G.25.
  4. Salt g.5.
  5. Sugar g. 70.
  6. Coconut milk to drink 250 ml.
  7. Solid coconut milk g.70.

If you feel like you’ll look even on the page. facebook:

Dissolve yeast in a little coconut milk to drink, we combine all the ingredients and mix well until you get a nice smooth dough, I recommend the dough should be very smooth and very soft.

Let it rise up to twice the volume, at least 2 hours, up to 3 hours.


Then we knead again and we form the rows which will cut pieces of about half the size of brioche we want to achieve. the dough will be a little “tacky”, then aiutiamoci to form the balls with a little oil lying on the worktop. We train of balls round or oval (based on the final form that most prefer) that put spaced at least 5 cm from each other (in fact we can also decrease the distance and will be Danube effect).

IMG_4623 (2)

Let rilievitare … for an hour or so! Bake at 160 ° C for about 20/25 minutes. Let cool and ye shall be comforted … ..!







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